Manifest of the Global Impact Capital Alliance (GICA).

At the heart of the Global Impact Capital Alliance (GICA) lies our steadfast commitment to our core values.
They guide our actions, decisions, and interactions, ensuring we stay true to our mission of advancing the impact ecosystem.



These are our 4 core values


Only together we will
No ego-games.


Put your actions where your mouth is.
No corruption.


This planet will be saved by new ideas.
No fear of the unknown.


We are open for everyone
who fights with us.
No status bullshit.



First and foremost, we believe in the power of collaboration.
We understand that in our shared mission to create a more sustainable and just world, our strength lies in our unity.
We encourage open dialogue, mutual support, and partnerships that amplify our collective impact.

We are not afraid to share: we always aim for the best result, fighting for common goals, not particular interests.



We are dedicated to fostering a network built on trust, transparency, and honesty.
We hold ourselves and our members accountable for their actions and are committed to ethical practices in all our undertakings.

We are not corruptable, if we say it, we mean it.



We recognize the importance of innovative thinking in solving complex social and environmental challenges.
We champion fresh ideas, unconventional approaches, and disruptive technologies that drive meaningful change.

We know that only the combination of innovation and commercial dynamics will develop enough momentum to save us and bring a peaceful future for all.
Therefore, we foster the impact StartUp ecosystem.



We know that only diverse perspectives lead to more comprehensive and effective solutions.
Thus, we are committed to creating an environment that respects and values diversity in all its forms.

We include everyone who wants to contribute, regardless of their background.
We don‘t play status games and avoid unneccessary hierarchy.