Benefits of the Global Impact Capital Alliance (GICA) .

Joining the Global Impact Capital Alliance (GICA) gives you access to a thriving network of like-minded visionaries and trailblazers in the impact ecosystem.
As a member, you will experience a plethora of benefits to accelerate your journey towards positive change on this planet.


You will have 4 major advantages:


for new partnerships & collaborations


of advanced networking


for better political & economical conditions


into developments of a fast growing market



GICA offers an unrivaled platform for networking, enabling you to forge powerful alliances with impact entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders.

Our members come from various cities worldwide, offering a rich variety of contacts, experiences, and opportunities.
This global perspective can unlock new vistas for your growth and help you foster an improved impact strategy.

The networking concept is provided by 17ACADEMY, world‘s first non-profit institute to train sustainable networking according to SDG17 – with over 25 years of experience.



GICA provides a unique learning environment, where you can gain insights from the best networking experts.
By joining GICA, you gain priviledged access to exclusive 17ACADEMY workshops and training programs that hone your skills and knowledge in impact entrepreneurship and investment.

These learning opportunities are tailored to equip you with the expertise required to drive social and environmental change while building a successful business.



As part of GICA, your voice is amplified within the impact ecosystem. Together, we form a powerful lobby advocating for favorable policy changes, funding opportunities, and public awareness, thereby fostering a supportive environment for impact businesses.



GICA connects you with visionaries, analysts, experts from all fields. You will have intel advantages and learn about dangers, chances and developments before others know.
Our network will gather information from partners in economy, politics, media and civil society, giving our members the edge they need to save this planet with innovative ideas.