Idea of the Global Impact Capital Alliance (GICA).

Our vision of Global Impact Capital Alliance (GICA) is to unite the global impact startup scene, starting with Berlin.

By transforming Germany‘s capital into the leading hub for the global impact economy, we‘ll harness the collective potential to drive positive change.

Our mission is to provide a vibrant local platform where ideas from all over the globe can be shared, international partnerships formed, and resources mobilized to solve pressing global issues.



By increasing connectivity, we accelerate the pace of change.
GICA creates a local hub to enable impact entrepreneurs and investors to connect faster, learn from each other, and grow together.

By building bridges between Berlin and other impact startup cities worldwide, we trigger international collaboration and knowledge sharing.
This will speed up the development of innovative solutions, the scaling of impact businesses, and increase in the flow of
capital towards impact StartUps.

We will not stop at connecting impact entrepreneurs and investors.
We also aim to engage with governments, policymakers, and the broader public.
By doing so, we can advocate for the importance of impact businesses and ensure a more supportive ecosystem for their growth.

GICA aspires to reshape economy.
We believe in a future where business success is not solely defined by financial return, but also by the positive social and environmental impact it creates.
By connecting and empowering the global impact startup scene, starting in Berlin, we are paving the way for this vision to become reality.